About The School

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Pioneer Public School, A new venture of Pioneer Group:

Pioneer Public School is a new name in the education world but our experience is very old. After Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies and Pioneer Convent, that are proven name in the field of education, Pioneer Public School (PPS) is now a part of Pioneer Group in the city's education sector. Pioneer Public School is a blend of education and culture in which children will get not only quality education but also cultural values beneath family atmosphere.

Every student is important for us at Pioneer Public School and we are committed to create students’ passion and develop their willpower. In the case of infrastructure, Pioneer Public School is miles ahead of any other M.P. Board School. Experienced teachers in the school, equipped with the finest facilities of indoor and outdoor games will develop future citizens who will be developed to take the country forward. Pioneer Public School is a name where children are trained to have a different thinking. It is an attempt to give the children the basic and advanced facilities following a method of imparting easy education. Children will also be taught practical and will also light the flame of knowledge, which will lay the foundation for their golden future.

Smart Classes Required for Changing Round

The education sector is changing and changes are being done very fast. These changes are a combination of traditional & modern methods to take children forward faster. In today's teaching method, smart classes are needed. So far, the smart classes were only in large schools, but the Pioneer Group has made efforts to provide this facility to the students of Madhya Pradesh Board. Through these smart classes, children will not only develop a better understanding, but they will also be updated. If students of  MP Board are taught through smart classes, they will be able to turn their career differently, they will not only talk about learning but also the application. Smart Classes in Pioneer Public School will update students 360-degree information and topics beyond their studies. The things that will be taught in the smart classes will be of today's age and with the eyes of the future. Smart means not only being modern but also following our culture and rituals together to make the children smart.

Audio Visual Media

In Pioneer Public School, students will also learn through audio visual (audiovisual). Our efforts at Pioneer Public School will be that there will be no shortage and scarcity in the overall development of children. Children will learn through audio visual modules, as per the requirement. The school has  modern equipment’s  for the students overall development.

Trained Teachers

The backbone of any educational institution is a teacher. By making the teacher ideal, children change their behavior and practice. Teachers are the ones who try to teach each child after understanding the personality of student which is a continuous process.  Trained teachers of Pioneer Public School do not believe in providing bookish knowledge to the students, but also talk about all-round development. They try to groom the children as multi-faceted personality.




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